We are swimmers. It´s been a long time since we made water our way of life.

We have a mission:

Boost Swimming and the Community of Swimmers.

Revolutionize them.

With this mission and great enthusiasm we created Wime in 2013.

By that time, we had already been looking, unsuccessfully,  for a clothing brand which expressed swimming spirit, so we decided to create it.

First, we designed our logo, the swimmer, figure who embodies the 3 main values of this sport : elegance, strength and speed.

Later, the name “Wime”, acronym of “Water is Me” came to our minds, reflecting what we do and feel.

We are passionate about water. Our objective is to make quality and design clothing and accesories for your daily life, either in and out of water, supporting and pushing swimming spirit through our products.

Thank you for trusting us.

Swimming is an attitude.